About Pioneer

"who are you?"

This is the exact question that cannot be answered by the Pioneer when she wakes up at a hospital in an alternate reality. Unable to remember more than a few fragments of her past, she attempts to piece together her old life from disjointed dreams and memories. Her only visitor is a mysterious, hooded man who seems to have all the answers but refuses to give any away.

About the Inspiration Work, "days"

days album

This comic was inspired by the album "days" by the artist she (also known as Pjat Lain). While I would hesitate to say that Pioneer is a direct interpretation of the album, I won't deny that the story is heavily influenced by the album's sound. Listening to the album while reading may be beneficial or add an additional layer of meaning. You can learn more about she, and download the album 'days' at shemusic.org.

About the Author

My name is [redacted]. I'm currently a university student, hoping to graduate this spring with a degree in visual communication. Pioneer is my latest project, which I will be presenting as my final senior work.